Christ New Commandment Baptist Church, (CNCBC) was founded by Theodis Scott, Sr in 1964. Before founding CNCBC, Theodis Scott Sr. was born September 28, 1922 in Homer, Louisiana. He was raised in a Christian home and accepted Jesus as his personal savior at the tender age of seven years old.

After reaching adult hood, help after moved to San Francisco, California, and became a member of New Providence Baptist Church, under the pastorate of his brother, Rev. Clarence Scott. After living there and working as a long showman for a coupe of years, he moved to Bakersfield, California, and joined Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church under the pastorate of REv. A.J Green. After serving faithfully for years, he was ordained as a deacon where he worked diligently on the Lord’s program. He also worked a s constructionist for Local Union 507 until retiring in 1981.

In 1962, his company transferred to Long Beach, California, where he joined and becalm a member of Christ Second Baptist Church in Long Beach, California. It is there he received his high calling for the ministry of God. He attended minister’s seminars and was presented a certification of outstanding services under the pastorate of Rev. Herman Gore St. He later received his ordination certificate giving him the privilege to show evidence of his calling. He was examined and ordained to the gospel ministry in the year of our Lord 1964 and he was still under the pastorate of Rev H. Gore.

In June 1964, he was called to pastor Christ New Commandment Baptist Church in Wilmington, California.

CNCBC Present

Currently, CNCBC is a small congregation with ambitious goals. Our Pastor is Theodis Scott, Jr the son of the late Theodis Scott, Sr. Currently the church is in the building phase. We have just installed new lights into the sanctuary, and are working on a bathroom and fellowship hall remodel.

We have many ministries to get involved in: Sunday School, Music Ministry, Help the Homeless, and a Mental Health Ministry.

CNCBC Future

In the future CNCBC is looking to get more involved in the local and county communities to help in the fight against homelessness and help to increase education in addition to spreading the Gospel of Christ.